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Hunters are expected to acquire permits before their hunt...

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Remember a limited number of hunters will be scheduled for each season. Early reservations are strongly advised. Disclaimer: This is a NON-guided hunt. Experienced hunters only are required.  As with any fair chase hunt there are no guarantees. If you want a guarantee, this hunt is not for you. What you will get is a chance to be hunting where many mature bucks live and have been taken in the past. There are no size restrictions here. You should shoot any deer that you would be excited to harvest. There will always be a chance at a bigger buck on subsequent hunts. Every time I hunt, I know that this could be the time that produces a true giant. It will  be the same for you.
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 For this Fall-Winter 2015
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< At left bottom is an information link regarding Illinois Deer Hunting Permits (tags).
All hunters are advised to have their tags prior to arriving or intend to pick them up on your arrival setup date.
Tags can be acquired locally, but there is a prior drawing for Illinois deer tags.

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