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What to Expect on Your Hunt  What To Expect From Illinois Bucks

 What to Expect on your Hunt ~ Local Accommodations

What to expect on your Hunt:
Hunting partners (two adults) are required. You will be hunting with a friend on fifty acres. Doesn't sound like much area until you see where it is.

I own the whitetail paradise on the southern edge of a 550 acre wildlife sanctuary which allows no hunters or trespassing. The deer spend most of their day on the sanctuary but move off in the evenings to feed or search for does.

This creates the opportunity  to set up in the evening to intercept them on the way to food and in the morning to get them on the way back to bed down.

Long shots are not necessary as there are many great pinch points and creek crossings to hunt. You will need your own stand with climbing sticks or there are some trees that will accept a climber.

As with any free range hunt there are no guarantees, but mature bucks are on the property frequently and if you've put yourself in the right spot, and can make  the shot, you could be successful.

Wind direction when hunting is the most important thing to be considered when selecting a site for your stand. My property covers every wind direction for a morning hunt or evening hunt. I've had luck with all wind directions. keeping clean and not relying on carbon suits or sprays is the key.

We allow you to come in the day before your hunt to get settled in your motel (see Accommodations left), come up to your hunting site and view the land, pick your site and set up your stands. That evening or the next morning you can get on the hunt early. We allow one day for set ups between each scheduled hunt throughout the season. No one else but you and your hunting partner will be legally on the land.

Things to Remember:

Weather is and will always be a factor. Major variables include wind speed and precipitation. Nobody likes to hunt in high winds and cold rain. Prevailing wind is westerly with southwest being the dominant direction. Speeds average 10 - 15 mph with calm days being rare. Just like anywhere else you hunt, gusty winds are not the best for being undetected, although we have had some great hunts in high winds. Wind direction is your main concern when setting up your stand. The wind will usually increase when the sun comes up and decrease at sunset. Quiet entry and exit to your stand is very important. While it is difficult to get to your stand without alerting deer, you still have to try. Stalk in and stalk out. All unnatural noises need be avoided at all times. Always whisper, keep zippers and Velcro quiet. Movement while on stand should be done slow and deliberate as if you actually have a deer within range. There is to be no smoking while on stand, no chewing tobacco and if you must eat, do it quickly and keep all food in a zip lock bag.


NOTICE: Only a limited number of hunters will be scheduled for each season. Early reservations are strongly advised. Disclaimer: This is a NON-guided hunt. Experienced hunters only are required.  As with any fair chase hunt there are no guarantees. If you want a guarantee, this hunt is not for you. What you will get is a chance to be hunting where many mature bucks live and have been taken in the past. There are no size restrictions here. You should shoot any deer that you would be excited to harvest. There will always be a chance at a bigger buck on subsequent hunts. Every time I hunt, I know that this could be the time that produces a true giant. It will  be the same for you.

By submitting registration and any payments you agree that you have read & understand the above.

Local Accommodations:
The Danville Area provides a large number of Hotels and Motels. Many restaurants and national chains restaurants are a few minutes from the Bald Acorn land.

There are two small family owned motels with very  reasonable daily or weekly rates that are around 15 miles from the hunt or twenty minutes or less away.

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Below are these two closest budget motel's photos and phone numbers.

Glow Motel - 217 442 2086

Candle-Lite Motel 217 442 1998

Above: Danville Inn in the Eastgate area -
Moderate pricing & weekly rates
217 446 2400
There are a number of other  newer motels just a few minutes further away, Downtown & in Eastgate Area.

You can also visit our local business directory to see many other hotel, motel, restaurants and sporting goods stores listed with links to their websites.

Near by the motels above is a shopping area that includes some nice hunting departments (BigR & Village Mall that sell tree stands to clothing and anything else you may need.

Hunters are expected to acquire permits before their hunt.

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