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What to Expect on Your Hunt  What To Expect From Illinois Bucks
Bald Acorn Whitetail deer hunting in Illinois.  Unguided hunts (three to ten days)  depending upon archery or firearm season.  Archery season opens October 1st 2013

What are the top three things to look for in real estate?
Location, Location and LOCATION!

You've heard this term used for real estate but it also applies to trophy buck hunting.

Illinois is a peak producer of top end mature bucks.

Vermilion County is 4th in bucks listed in the Illinois Big Bucks recognition program, but arguably, your odds are better here then any of the top three counties of the famous "Golden Triangle."

Bald Acorn's land in Vermilion County is a spot that everyone around here wants to hunt. We got lucky and bought it back in '95 and have shot some real giants over the years.
[See our videos and slide shows]

The location you hunt on the property will be entirely up to you as this is an unguided opportunity for a hunter who doesn't need someone to hold his hand, but wants a chance at a true free range giant.  If you're looking for a good weekly hunting lease this location can't be beat, as the 550 acre sanctuary holds many mature bucks which must travel through my property in their search for food and does.

NOTICE: Only a limited number of hunters will be scheduled for each season. Early reservations are strongly advised. Disclaimer: This is a NON-guided hunt. Experienced hunters only are required.  As with any fair chase hunt there are no guarantees. If you want a guarantee, this hunt is not for you. What you will get is a chance to be hunting where many mature bucks live and have been taken in the past. There are no size restrictions here. You should shoot any deer that you would be excited to harvest. There will always be a chance at a bigger buck on subsequent hunts. Every time I hunt, I know that this could be the time that produces a true giant. It will  be the same for you.

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All Photos taken on Bald Acorn hunting site. Click Smaller photos to enlarge...


Videos below, with some narration, will give you a good idea
of the whitetail population, the
Bald Acorn Hunting Area,
which is wooded with small food plots and creek crossings
We are at the southern edge of a 550 acre wild life sanctuary.

Deer Video 1
Our video clips below were photographed at "Steve's  Deer Park"
We are completing another video soon which Steve will voice over.

Deer Video 2
 This remarkable video  below features a rarely  filmed encounter of two large bucks fighting, and locking antlers. Their fight starts in the water, midway through a 3rd deer appears on the shore viewing the fight. Somehow the fighting bucks reach the shore and manage to survive a drowning and they suddenly became unlocked.



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